Why it’s better


Sandlot Zero’s simple and easy-to-use APIs allow data and code to be uploaded to our hosted service. This gives you immediate access to powerful data analysis without the overhead and headaches of setting up and managing the infrastructure yourself.


We determine how many virtual machines your application needs and ensure that they’re all configured and monitored correctly. This gives you the flexibility to adapt your data analysis resources easily, quickly and cost-effectively as your business needs change.


Having built and operated some of the largest web services on the planet, our team has a stellar track record of delivering ultra-reliable services under huge load. We blend solid production infrastructure and operations with quality software development and product design. And we care mightily about service, meaning we’re as reliable as partners as the solutions we help you create.

Lower capital costs

Sandlot Zero is a fully hosted solution. Running exclusively on top of the Amazon Cloud, Sandlot eliminates the need for capital investment in equipment and software typically needed to perform critical data analysis tasks at scale.

Lower operations costs

No big check, no big hires. Our straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing model lets you buy exactly the amount of data analysis services that you need, with no upfront contract commitments. Plus, by providing data analysis infrastructure as a service, we dramatically reduce staffing requirements usually needed to build and maintain data services.


Data analysis today is all about performance at scale. We provide it, plain and simple. By leveraging Amazon’s enormous cloud computing platform, Sandlot Zero can easily and painlessly grow with your business needs.